Text Generation with Deep Learning (RNN)

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I have always heard that the best ideas just come to you without effort, and if you are lucky, at the exact time that you need them. I am someone with a lot of ideas and often love to explore them in the real world if possible. In this case…

NLP Sentiment Analysis with Deep Learning


This is the big leagues. Deep Learning with NLP. Something that before now I would imagine to be impossible with a standard laptop. But this project turned out to be a fun, an intriguing exploration of how a revolutionary technology can be deployed on a stock computer.

In this post…

Part 4: Predicting the vote


This post will cover the last component of my supervised machine learning project in which I used web scraping to create a data set on the candidates in United States Senate general elections starting in 1920 through 2016.

In of this series, I…

Darius Fuller

Seattle, WA Aspiring Data Scientist

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